recommendations from ros1 patients for doctors/cancer centres with experience in treating ros1

University Hospital of Cologne / Internal Medicine Clinic
Prof. Jürgen Wolf
Dr. Matthias Scheffler
Dr. Sebastian Michels

University Hospital of Cologne / Institute of Pathology
Prof. Reinhard Büttner
Dr. Sebastian Michels

Pius Hospital Oldenburg
Prof. Griesinger

Specialised Lung Clinic Immenhausen
Dr. Rittmeyer

Göttingen University Hospital Cooperation Partner (Pathology)
Dr. Schildhaus

LungenClinic Großhansdorf
Prof. Dr. Reck

Hannover Medical Faculty
Dr. Golpon

Robert-Bosch Hospital / Schillerhöhe Hospital
Prof. Friedel
Prof. Kopp
Dr. Kimmich
Dr. Wohlleber

Freiburg University Hospital
Prof. Waller